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Strategic Marketing Services – Paykel Melbourne

Strategic marketing services are a combination of knowledge, planning and people. Our strategic marketing services enable you to maximise your marketing budget, connecting you with your customers at the right time, in the right place, to get the right result.

That’s right, at Paykel Melbourne, we’re all about the people. We collaborate with you to understand your business, products and services. We collaborate with our partners to deliver superior placements, prices and creative. We deliver results, which work.

Paykel Melbourne’s strategic marketing services include, but are not limited to, communication and media planning, native advertising, media negotiations, personalised creative and media bookings. We work with you and for you. We measure our success on your success.

At Paykel Melbourne, it’s our mission to exceed your expectations. We’ve got proven success and a family of satisfied customers who work with us to achieve optimum marketing results. Don’t waste money on the masses, start connecting with your customers today.

Communication Planning

Communication planning will save you money. It will put you in front of the right audience, at the right time, with the right message, to get the right result. A lack of communication planning, or bad communication planning, leads to a scatter-gun approach, where you are spending lots of money marketing to the masses, rather than just your customers. Not only are you diluting your message, you are wasting money.

Paykel Melbourne have the people, experience and expertise to provide expert communication planning services. We speak your language. Let us help you reach your target market and achieve the results you are looking for. Deepen your marketing intelligence and performance with Paykel Melbourne.

Media Negotiations

Paykel Melbourne is part of one of Australia’s largest, independently owned media buying agencies. We have booked more than $280 million worth of advertising for our customers. We’ve got the contacts, experience and expertise to get you the best bang for your buck.

We know that’s an old school saying and so is our approach, but sometimes it’s just the very best way. It’s a case of who you know, as much as what you know, and at Paykel Melbourne, we deliver on all fronts. Our media negotiation services are available for print, radio, television and online. We offer the buying power of a larger agency, with the personalised service of a boutique business.

Media Planning

The media landscape has never been more diverse. Today the question is not where should I be advertising, it’s where shouldn’t I be advertising. This is a challenging environment for even the most experienced marketers. Paykel Melbourne are here to help, with professional media planning and negotiation services.

What’s our process? Firstly, we collaborate with you to gain a firm understanding of your business, product, services and most importantly, customers. We then use our internal expertise and intelligence to provide a picture of the media consumption habits of your customers. This is used to formulate an effective media plan, which will deliver your message to your customers at a time, place and platform to provide the best possible return on investment.

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Native Advertising

Native advertising, what is it? It’s all about delivering your sales pitch via editorials rather than advertisements. Advertisements are set ‘places’; structured creative with specific calls to action. Advertisements generally appear in groups and clusters, be they in print, broadcast or online. Consumers are familiar with the delivery and have learned behaviour to ‘block out’ the ads, which sometimes diminishes your reach and engagement.

Native advertising puts your business, product, service and/or event front and centre in the editorial section. This is where your customers are actively looking / reading / listening to get pre-qualified, authority content, information and advice, delivered by those they trust. This is the section that influencers buyer behaviour and gets you results. This is where Paykel Melbourne will help you connect with your customers.

Personalised Creative

Personalised creative is designed and delivered to connect with the passion points of the individual receiving it. That’s why it’s called ‘personalised’, it engages, excites and entertains the recipient, your customer, providing you with a maximum return on investment.

We’re not talking your ‘standard’ advertisement here. We’re talking creative that boosts the entertainment value for your customers. Creative that connects with their interests, at a time and space which we have helped determine, through our planning and research, to send your sales soaring. Paykel Melbourne is a part of an award winning national team. Our personalised creative solutions work, at a national, metropolitan and regional level.

Media Booking

Want to work with an agency where your media bookings are made and paid with the express purpose of benefitting you, rather than pre-determined alignments and/or kickbacks? Then Paykel Melbourne is the media booking agency for you. Our communications, bookings and payments are completely transparent. You can see who gets what, when, supported by appropriate reports and analysis.

At Paykel Melbourne, your success is our success. That’s why all of our media bookings are made with your very best intentions in mind. Our company has been making media bookings for nearly 20 years, we’ve got the people, contacts and experience to deliver the best rates and return on investments. We look forward to working with you, on your media booking requirements.

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