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Media Buying Services – Paykel Melbourne

Paykel Melbourne’s media buying services provide real solutions, to our customers. We’re not just about the numbers. We’re about connecting your business with your customers, in a meaningful way that works.

Our family of industry contacts and colleagues, at some of Australia’s leading media networks and organisations, allow us to negotiate with the people that count, to get the best results for our clients. We do it all at Paykel Melbourne. Media buying services include radio and outdoor, cinema and television, print and digital. For regional, state, national and international campaigns.

The Paykel group, with offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Cairns, has been one of Australia’s largest, independently owned media buying agencies since 1999. Our extensive portfolio of customers are long term clients, who have seen their businesses grow year on year, thanks to our professional services.

We work with you to deliver the best results. Our focus is on your objectives and providing targeted media buying services based on providing the best possible return on investment to you, our customers. Our decisions are always made in your interests.

Radio Advertising

Radio advertising works. Even in the 21st century media landscape, it remains one of the most pervasive mediums in the advertising market. It is a constant in consumers’ lives. It is on in the morning, for the commute to work, at work, in the shops and at home. Due to its very nature, radio provides very specific market segmentation, in regards to which audience listen to which station, at what time/s. This provides advertisers with a powerful way to connect with their customers.

Paykel Melbourne will work with you to effectively harness the power of radio, providing you with the very best possible return on investment. We’ll help identify your target market, prepare an appropriate station list and advertising schedule and implement it. We work local, metro, regional and national.

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is an effective way to reach a mass market, particularly in metropolitan areas. What is it? We’re talking billboards, vehicle signage (trains, trams, buses and cars) and street displays. We’re also talking cutting edge technology, including iBeacon, digital kiosks and digital billboards. It’s a platform that combines proven techniques with technological advances that make sense.

Paykel Melbourne’s outdoor advertising services include strategy, location, technology and implementation. We’ve got the contacts, expertise and market knowledge to elevate your brand through targeted, effective outdoor advertising placements and opportunities. If you want to work with a media agency that has proven performance in improving the bottom line for their customers, contact Paykel Melbourne today.

Cinema Advertising

Cinema advertising is often overlooked, which is unfortunate, as nowhere else do you have a captive audience, looking and listening at your advertising message with such focused intent. This makes cinema advertising a unique proposition for advertisers and it works equally well for national brand campaigns, as it does for local companies wanting to connect with customers.

The big screen really offers you the chance to engage, excite and delight your customers with specific advertising messages that connect and entertain. Paykel Melbourne cinema advertising services include preparing a strategy and plan, outlining specific sessions based on times of day, type of movie and cinema location, to reach a targeted demographic audience. We can also assist with creative and production.

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Print Advertising

Advertising in print provides your message with a tangible permanency. Your creative is printed and circulated directly into the hands of consumers, where it might linger for a day, week or even months to come. Print advertising gives the opportunity to deliver more detailed messages and calls to action. While the creative is important, placement, timing and delivery is just as critical in the process of effectively reaching your target market.

Paykel Melbourne’s print advertising services include strategic planning, preparing a list of the best publications to reach your target market, independent assessment of circulation and readership claims, media negotiation and buying. At Paykel Melbourne we believe in providing our clients with clarity, so they can achieve the best possible return on investment for their advertising spend.

TV Advertising

Television provides you with a dynamic opportunity to engage your customers. It runs 24/7 and offers advertisers the chance to book ‘standard’ commercials, program and segment sponsorship, product placement and scrolling ticker content. They key to successful television advertising is matching your schedule to the viewing habits of your target market. This can be difficult to determine, especially if you have no prior expertise in this area.

Paykel Melbourne are the experts at all things television advertising. We’ll prepare a schedule of placements and commercials, which will get your business and its products / services in front of the right people, at the right time, to get the right results. Don’t leave it to chance and waste money running commercials when your customers aren’t watching, contact Paykel Melbourne today.

Digital Advertising

Your customers are looking at the internet right now, just like you are. They are using it research their holidays, their outings, their news and their purchases. They are being influenced by Google rankings, forums, bloggers, customer reviews, content and advertising. Digital advertising provides you with a way to connect with your customers in this space. When it’s coordinated by the media experts at Paykel Melbourne, it will be cost effective and engaging. It will get your customers clicking, liking and buying.

Digital advertising opportunities are as varied as the content on the internet itself. They include, but are not limited to, banner ads, site takeovers, social network advertising, idle-screen advertising and email direct marketing. At Paykel Melbourne, we don’t do jargon. We will speak your language, helping you to successfully navigate the world of online advertising.

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