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Paykel Melbourne’s digital advertising services are all about the people. Our people, connecting with your people, connecting with your customers, in the digital space. The beauty of digital media is its complete transparency.  You can get a precise report of who looked at what, when and if it resulted in a click, like or buy.  At the end of the day, technology is delivering the advertisements, but it’s all about the human response that determines success or failure of a digital advertising campaign.

That’s why it’s important to use media and advertising experts, when researching and entering the digital advertising space. At Paykel Melbourne, we stay abreast of the latest technological advancements and opportunities, so you don’t need to. We have the insights, expertise and capabilities to prepare strategic online advertising campaigns, which connect you with your customers and improve your bottom line.

Paykel Melbourne’s digital advertising services include, but are not limited to, digital search, influencer outreach, programmatic buying, social media and websites. Our technology team speak your language. We’re against robots and for people. We’ll navigate a clear pathway to success for your business, in the online world.

Digital Search

“My website doesn’t rank with Google.” “My competitor’s website ranks better than mine, what can I do?” This all falls into the realms of digital search, which is exactly what it sounds like. Digital search describes how your digital presence performs, when searched for by your customers. In essence, how are you ranking? How easy is it for your customers to find you online?

There’s a lot of self-proclaimed experts out there, who will tell you they know what they are doing, but the proof is in performance. Paykel Melbourne have the technical capabilities and personnel to enhance your digital search. Rise in the rankings, get more clicks and convert your customers with information-rich resources, built and coded to perform with people and computers.

Influencer Outreach

It’s a fact, consumers do a lot of product research online. How do they do this? Through digital searches, looking at websites, reading product forums, checking social media accounts and reading reviews. They are also influenced by celebrities, figures of authority and sportspeople, who can often be seen either endorsing or using products and services in the online space, through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. These people are the influencers.

So, how do you get your product, business or service to be trending online? Well, there’s a multifaceted approach to achieve this objective and engaging appropriate influencers is certainly a part of that. Paykel Melbourne has the people, networks and contacts to prepare a successful outreach strategy which will connect you with your customers, influencing their purchasing decisions in your favor.

Programmatic Buying

Now there’s some industry jargon for you and we’re against that. So let’s break it down. Programmatic buying is a system of purchasing digital advertising space through an automated online auction. It sounds technical, but it’s still about relationships and people, because at the end of the day, an auction is about trading, someone selling and someone buying. Programmatic buying can reap fantastic return on investment for savvy purchasers, and that’s where Paykel Melbourne comes in.

Our expert digital marketing team will help you identify the best opportunities, spaces and places to connect with your customers. We then initiate a campaign to deliver results, which will improve your bottom line. Our programmatic buying will secure the best rates possible, so contact us today and talk to a person, not a machine.

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Social Media

Social media is alive. It’s a global phenomenon churning out content, news, updates, advice and opinions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In Australia, research has shown that nearly 75% of the population are on social media of some form or another and are spending up to 12.5 hours a week on Facebook alone! This is a powerful platform to engage directly with your customers, giving them the opportunity to ‘like’ your brand and communicate with you.

It’s also a strong sales, marketing and advertising opportunity, which you ignore at your peril. The Paykel Melbourne social media suite of services include the preparation and implementation of a paid social posting strategy. This includes using your own accounts, but also engaging social influencers to help share your content and create buzz, interaction and traction.


Websites are your best sales and marketing tool in the digital environment. When created correctly, they are a powerful online ambassador for your business, its products and services. They are easily found and navigated, provide engaging content with appropriate calls to action and payment gateways. When created badly, they will date your company and cause your customers to seek your competitors. Your website really is your front of house for many consumers, so you want to make sure it works.

Paykel Melbourne is a full-service media agency. We have the technological team to take care of the coding and development, the creative crafters to perfect design and a full suite of complementary digital services to make your business shine.